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Jeff Pulver

Founder – MoNage
Vice Chairman – Alchemist
Jeff Pulver....Changed the way the world communicates. Throughout his highly successful international career, Jeff has been insistently promoting internet communications and telephony and has helped change the way the world communicates. An "Order" named after Jeff Pulver was issued by the Federal Communications Commission, supported by the White House.
Details. Jeff Pulver can be described as: Internet Pioneer, VoIP; Entrepreneur, Investor, Strategist, Astrophotographer, Futurist. Helped shape the worldwide market acceptance of VoIP; Founder / co-founder of numerous startups including: Alchemist, Free World Dialup, VON, Vivox and Vonage. Veteran of the Tradeshow industry; producer, host, curator of events. Jeff is also involved in public policy advocacy and is the founders of the VON Coalition and the Blockchain Token Association
Known as a globally renowned Internet thought leader. In 1995 defined "VON" to stand for Voice/Video on the Net. From 1997 to 2008 he hosted/produced the VON Conferences and drove the growth of the global VoIP Industry.
His work in Washington is the reason services like: FaceTime, Telegram and WhatsApp are free. Has influenced the creation of numerous other startups. Currently exploring the intersection of: Blockchain and Finance. As Vice Chairman at Alchemist, Jeff is a passionate advocate of Programmable Securities such as Security Tokens. Strategic adviser to Blockchain projects.
Mr. Pulver is committed to the future of the Internet and is featured in the media as an expert in his field.

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