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Hemant Kumar Dugar

Indore, India
We are happy to inform that we are launching India's first DBMS i.e. JsonPowerDB (JPDB) - A Multimode DBMS. Capable of handling and managing RDBMS, Document DB, and Key-Value database requirements.
It is one of the fastest and most secure database of present time.

JPDB - Salient Features
# Nimble, Simple to use, In Memory, Real-time
# Schema free - easy to maintain.
# Serverless Support - fast development - cuts time to market
# Multi-Mode database - one solution to variety of data
# Build around worlds fastest* indexing engine PowerIndex
# Webservices API - low development cost
# A Single Instance - Million Indexes
# Inbuilt support for Querying Multiple Databases
# Multiple security layers
# Server Side Native NoSQL - best performance.

JPDB will help you to (1) reduce your development and maintenance cost, (2) minimize time to market, and (3) lowers the total cost of ownership considerably. How?

Let's connect at NPC-2018 on 25th - 26th October 2018.