AVASOFT - Shaping Next Gen; ; AVASOFT’s migration product AVAMIGRATRON, is a comprehensive Office 365 migration product. It is the only tool of its kind so far, which covers the key scenarios of IBM connection to Office 365 and Dynamics AX on-prem to Dynamics AX Office 365 operations migration. AVAMIGRATRON also has the ability to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 and SharePoint on-prem to Office 365. ; ; AVAMIGRATRON addresses the issue of interoperability by exactly identifying what needs to be migrated. This falls under data, functions, workflows, version history and state of workflows. We have mapped where in most cases these are all migrated from source to target automatically. The scenarios that require remediation are functions and workflows due to platform differences or complexity. This is achieved as a repeatable service with its distinct methodology that has been perfected from the hundreds of migrations AVASOFT has done so far.; ; AVAMIGRATRON is built on a loosely coupled design using Web API driven framework. This design approach was adopted to meet the distributed environment requirements. This also allows AVAMIGRATRON to run on multiple instances simultaneously enabling the migration of huge data quickly.; ; Our migration product AVAMIGRATRON, is a key differentiator versus other competitors who provide cloud migration. This fact is reinforced everyday by our competitors, reaching out to us, for using our tool on a regular basis. We also demand an upper hand due to our experience with hundreds of migration complimented by our understanding of varied business scenarios and migration issues. This allows us to take a proactive approach with respect to any migration project irrespective of its size and complexity. Our proven expertise and the bundle of experience ensure that AVASOFT extends overall support to the clients in providing best possible cloud solution in terms of cost, performance, scalability and maintenance. AVASOFT’s NextGen migration methodology puts into use ML/AI based framework/methodologies for reducing the go- to -market time and cost for cloud migrations. The company’s unique approach of first understanding the business and then applying technology has proven critical in successfully overcoming the concerns of the legacy application users.