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Sunil Rawlani

Consulting, Advisory & CIO International Associate
I’m an evangelist – envisioning the impact of technology on society and business. I believe societal change is driving digital adoption in business. Businesses are forced to challenge the status quo, if they are not proactive. They strive towards the intersection of emerging technology and business, the very point at which I thrive.

I was part of the founding team of four successful organisations in sunrise industries – IT, Mobile, Banking & Insurance. Putting Bangalore on the world map, introducing cellular in Mumbai, rolling out operations for Israel’s first GSM operation and India’s first private insurer demonstrate my ability to look ahead of the curve. I was also responsible for their growth and scalability over the long term.

I’ve been an early adopter of Technology, Business Transformation, and Digital Business Change. As a CIO, I incubated large scale transformation initiatives to enable rapid growth cost effectively, through service innovation and omni-channel customer interaction, and converted technology vision into customer experience. I was a driver of organisational change and development, assuming responsibility for BPM and Quality Systems.

True digital transformation requires a holistic business model review and behavioral change management. I work with cross functional teams to integrate effective digital strategies within enterprise architecture, establish the right business processes, and become adaptive for the future.

I am an energetic leader with a passion for mentoring, process inculcation and service conviction. I am also an advocate of transformational leadership, helping intrapreneurs/ entrepreneurs find the fulcrum between passion and purpose.